Day trading course and strategy for active traders.

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    The stock market doesn't care if you are experienced or a newbie investor. The rules and the trading opportunities are the same for every one at any time, so either you're going to make money when you make a trade or you are going to lose it.

    I was trading derivatives for over two decades and I have created a Live Day Trading channel for active traders.

    The unique strategy that I developed, we use every day on the trading floor. My company provides the live broadcast of our trades for free over the internet to all of our clients.

    We are trading our funds in front of you live and we let you follow our trades from the comfort of your home or office, see how real money is being made.

    You can find hundreds of saved day trading sessions on YouTube from previous years. We keep them as records for our clients and new day traders who get the strategy and want to practice more, and see it in action.

    This course was designed for people who want to become active day traders and learn to make profits by trading on margin from rising and falling market.

    If you are interested in day trading and want to learn the way we trade, understand why we never place a Stop/Loss on our positions, always Stop on Profit, you need to get the trading course and the strategy to discover the secret.

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