20 January 2021

18:00 to 19:00 (BST)

How to trade markets.

(Strategy included)

Charts and trading review.

According to the Bank for International Settlements, foreign-exchange trading increased to an average of $7.3 trillion a day. To put this into perspective, this averages out to be $304 billion per hour. The foreign exchange market is largely made up of institutional investors, corporations, governments, banks, as well as currency speculators. Roughly 90% of this volume is generated by currency speculators capitalizing on intraday price movements.


We will be trading live infront of you and we will show you how we use our strategy to make a profit. All  attendies will get our strategy and the right setting needed to start trading profitably. 

We will be covering our best trades and trading decisions we have made previously.

What you will learn:

* You will gain a deeper understanding of instrument trends amongst traders;
* Evaluate and make trading decisions considering the latest trends;
* Learn to trade on Margin;
* Make a profit from a rising and falling market;
* Learn to hedge positions and earn profit from them;
* Develop trade duration strategies.

Course Outline

• The mechanics of trading;
• Applying Technical analysis to maximize the profit;
• Candlesticks formations, Continuation and Reversal Patterns;
• Market indicators;
• When to start following a trend to maximize the profit;
• How to Hedge your positions in order to reduce the risk;
• Developing trading strategies for entering and exiting position;
• Risk Management;

In order to attend the webinar, you need to get a ticket. 

The price is £399 (Strategy included)

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